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Longguang Jiang




Professor (Doctoral advisor)








Biochemistry and Molecular Biology




Deputy Dean






https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 教育经历/Education

2005.09 - 2010.07中国科学院福建物质结构研究所,博士/Fujian Institute of Material Structure, Chinese Academy of SciencesPh.D.

(导师/Supervisor:黄明东 研究员/Prof. Mingdong Huang

2001.09 - 2005.07贵州大学,学士/Guizhou University, Bachelor


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 工作经历/Career 

2016.02 – 新葡萄平台网站-官方App Store - Apple App Store/College of Chemistry, Fuzhou University

2018.10 - 2019.10哈佛医学院,访问学者/Harvard Medical SchoolVisiting Scholar

(合作导师/Supervisor Prof. Robert C. Flaumenhaft, MD, Ph.D. 

2014.07 - 2014.10奥胡斯大学,访问学者/Aarhus University, Visiting Scholar 

(合作导师/Supervisor Prof. Peter A. Andreasen, Ph.D.

2010.07 - 2016.01中国科学院福建物质结构研究所,助理研究员/Fujian Institute of Material Structure, Chinese Academy of SciencesResearch Associate


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 教学简介/Teaching


《制药工程专业英语》/Professional English for Pharmaceutical Engineering

《综合化学实验》/Comprehensive Chemical Experiments

《制药工程创新创业实践》/Pharmaceutical Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 科研简介/Scientific Research 



   Regulation of endothelial cell homeostasis (PECAM-1Ang/Tie);


   Study on the structure and function of serine proteases in the coagulation system (coagulation factors VII and XI, Plasma Kalinin);


   The regulation of fibrinolytic system in tumor invasion and metastasis (uPA-uPAR);


   Study the regulation mechanism of cell differentiation in the Bacillus subtilis system.



https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 社会兼职/Academic Service 

福建省生物工程学会,理事/Fujian Biological Engineering Society


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 科研项目/Grants  


   Key Project of Science and Technology Innovation of Fujian Province, 2022-2023PI


   National Natural Science Foundation of China (82070142), 2021-2024, PI


   Industry project, 2020-2023PI


   National Key R&D Program (2017YFE0103200)2018-2021, Participant.


   Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province (2018J01729), 2018-2021, PI


  National Natural Science Foundation of China (31400637)2015-2017, PI


  Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province (2012J05071), 2012-2014, PI


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 代表性论文/First or corresponding author publications

(*: Equal contributions; #: co-corresponding authors)

30. Zhou Y, Wu J, Xue G, Li J, Jiang L#, Huang M#. Structural study of the uPA-nafamostat complex reveals a covalent inhibitory mechanism of nafamostat. Biophys J. 2022 Aug 29:S0006-3495(22)00694-4.

29.Wang R, Yang M, Jiang L#, Huang M#. Role of Angiopoietin-Tie axis in vascular and lymphatic systems and therapeutic interventions. Pharmacol Res. 2022 Aug;182:106331.

28. Sun G, Sui Y, Zhou Y, Ya J, Yuan C, Jiang L#, Huang M#. Structural Basis of Covalent Inhibitory Mechanism of TMPRSS2-Related Serine Proteases by Camostat. J Virol. 2021;95(19):e0086121.

27. 王蕊,黄美娟,许燕艳,袁彩,黄明东#江龙光#Ang-Tie轴在血管和淋巴系统相关疾病中作用的研究进展,生物工程学报202137(8): 2633-2644.

26. Ma H*, Li R*, Jiang L*, Qiao S, Chen XX, Wang A, Zhang G. Structural comparison of CD163 SRCR5 from different species sheds some light on its involvement in porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus-2 infection in vitro. Vet Res. 2021;52(1):97.

25 Sun G, Yang M, Jiang L#, Huang M#. Regulation of pro-σK activation: a key checkpoint in Bacillus subtilis sporulation. Environ Microbiol. 2021;23(5):2366-2373. 

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23. Yuan C, Guo Z, Yu S, Jiang L#, Huang M#. Development of inhibitors for uPAR: blocking the interaction of uPAR with its partners. Drug Discov Today. 2021;26(4):1076-1085. 

22. Huang M, Li L, Shen J, Wang Y, Wang R, Yuan C, Huang M#, Jiang L#. Plasma levels of the active form of suPAR are associated with COVID-19 severity. Crit Care. 2020;24(1):704. 

21. Zhou Y, Chen D, Xue G, Yu S, Yuan C, Huang M#, Jiang L#, Improved therapeutic efficacy of quercetin-loaded polymeric nanoparticles on triple-negative breast cancer by inhibiting uPA, RSC Adv., 2020,10, 34517-34526. 

20. G Xue, X Xie, Y Zhou, C Yuan, M Huang#, Jiang L#. Insight to the residue in P2 position prevents the peptide inhibitor from being hydrolyzed by serine proteases. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2020;84(6):1153-1159. 

19. Xie X, Guo N, Xue, Xie D, Yuan C, Harrison J, Li J, L. Jiang L#, Huang M#. Solution structure of SpolVB reveals mechanism of PDZ domain-regulated protease activity. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2019;10,1232.

18. Jiang J, Xie X, Li J, Persson E, Huang M. Crystal structure, epitope and functional impact of an antibody against a super-active FVIIa provide insights into allosteric mechanism. Research and Practice in Thrombosis & Haemostasis, 2019; 3(3);412-419.

17. Jiang L, Zhang X, Zhou Y, Chen Y, Luo Z,  Li J, Yuan C, Huang M. Halogen bonding for the design of inhibitors by targeting the S1 pocket of serine proteases. RSC Advances, 2018;8, 28189.

16. Jiang L, Oldenburg E, Kromann-Hansen T, Xu P, Jensen JK, Andreasen PA, Huang M. Cleavage of peptidic inhibitors by target protease is caused by peptide conformational transition. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018;1862(9):2017-2023.

15. Sun YG*, Li R*, Jiang L*, Qiao S, Zhi Y, Chen XX, Xie S, Wu J, Li X, Deng R, Zhang G. Characterization of the interaction between recombinant porcine aminopeptidase N and spike glycoprotein of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. Int J Biol Macromol. 2018; 117:704-712. 

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9. Ma H*, Jiang L*, Qiao S, Zhi Y, Chen XX, Yang Y, Huang X, Huang M, Li R, Zhang GP. Crystal Structure of the Fifth Scavenger Receptor Cysteine-Rich Domain (SRCR5) from Porcine CD163 Reveals an Important Residue Involved in Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Infection. J Virol. 2017;91(3): e01897-16. 

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1. Jiang, L, Yu H, Yuan C, Wang J, Chen L, Edward J. Meehan, Huang Z, Huang M. The Crystal Structures of 2-Aminobenzothiazole-based Inhibitors in Complexes with Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator. Chinese J. Struct. Chem. 2009;28(11):1427-1432.


https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 获奖情况  



https://cms.fzu.edu.cn/_vsl/9222DB316A439B81A357EC3BD2AB215C/F312E64B/5C8?e=.gif 其他


1. Iqbal Z, Jiang L, Chen Z, Yuan C, Li R, Zheng K, Zhou X, Chen J, Hu P, Huang M (2017) Tumor specific imaging and photodynamic therapy targeting on urokinase receptor, chapter 13, page 259-274. In “Imaging in Photodynamic Therapy” Edited by Michael R. Hamblin and Yingying Huang, Taylor & Francis Group, 6000 Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL 33487-2742 CRC Press 2017 


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